AR-15 Caliber Muzzle Device Assortment Kit w/table top Acrylic Rack (1/2 x 28)


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Guntec USA part #: MDA-223.  AR-15.  .223/5.56.  muzzle device assortment kit.  acrylic table top display rack included with every kit.  All units are for .223 / 5.56 AAC calibers.  2 of each style flash cone for1/2 x 28 threads are included.  US made .223/5.56 CAL.  Just Released.

Includes Guntec USA parts:  two 223SPIKE, two ARMB-3, two SPA-223, two CENT-223, two CENT-223-SS, two M-COMP, two TR-1, two AR-A3, two ARTWIST, two AR-A2, two SIG210, two SIG510.